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The Chapess 7

By Cherry Styles - 2015

The Chapess is “a quarterly printed zine produced and printed in Manchester UK by Synchronise Witches Press.
Each issue is a carefully curated selection of art and writing by female contributors from all over the world”.

The 7th issue of the Cherry Styles edited collection includes the usual mix of excellent contributions from the likes of *takes a deep breath*:

– Sarah Zapata
– Elizabeth Scott
– Szilvia Molnar
– Alyssa Rorke
– Sahar Gilani
– Catch Business
– Sharon Green
– Chloe Burns
– Heather Dunlop
– Karen Isaac
– Sarah Christie
– Leslie Boroczk
– Jane Chardiet
– Eleanor Bleier
– Inney Mallard
– Kendra Sullivan
– Morgan Maher
– Emma Thacker
– The Shruggals
– Isabella Bestfriend
– Kelsey Henderson
– Louise Woodcock

For more information about The Chapess, including how to contribute to future issues, go over here.

Physical description: A5
Subject: Compzine | Feminism
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