Salford Zine Library

Salford Zine Library is a unique archive of self published materials, currently housed at Clifford Whitworth Library, Salford University. It seeks to preserve and provide access to zines from around the world, as well as promoting zines and DIY culture through workshops, exhibitions and other events.

There are currently around 4500 zines in the collection, all of which have been donated by zine makers and collectors. The collection includes zines of all shapes and sizes, covering a broad range of subjects from football and feminism to veganism and poetry. You’ll soon be able to browse the collection on this website.

The zine library is open seven days a week and is open to all, but please get in touch with Salford University to plan your visit in advance and avoid disappointment.  Details of how to organise a visit are here on our ‘visit us’ page.

The library is reference only, which means that you can’t take the zines home with you, but there are comfy places to sit and get stuck into some zines.

Salford Zine Library has worked with a number of educational institutions, cultural venues and arts organisations to deliver workshops and exhibitions celebrating zines and DIY culture. If you would like to work with us in the future, please get in touch.

Do you want to join our freelancer pool? If you are a zinemaker based in the Northwest and would like to be sent paid opportunities, please register here.

Salford Zine Library is currently ran by Vicky Stevenson and Ingrid F.

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