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Harvest Spoons

By Sara Sutterlin - 2014

Harvest Spoons is a comp zine intended to “open up a free, honest, and important dialogue about solidarity between women” and is edited by Sara Ann Sutterlin. Includes contributions by:

– Sara M Lyons
– Erika Rodriguez
– Candace Holmes
– Alisha A
– Samantha Millard
– Alex Elizabeth
– Julia T
– Marissa Lorusso
– Quincy R
– Cherry Styles
– Daci Racher
– Jacqueline Krass
– Jodie Matthews
– Isabel A-L
– Natalia
– Brittany J. Lipponer
– Rachel White
– Olivia Tym
– Sara Ann Sutterlin

You can grab yourself a copy over at Synchronise Witches, who are distributing the zine in the UK. Find out more about Sara Sutterlin at

Physical description: A5
Subject: Compzine | Feminism
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