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Dog Comics Two

By Often and Mistakes - 2013

Often and Mistakes is Rose Robbins and Grace Denton, based in Bristol. Dog Comics Two features loads of ace comics about dogs, by talented people such as:

– Ed Cheverton
– Disa Wallander
– Karoline Achilles
– Donya Todd
– James Boswell
– Martha Hearn
– Stuart Adams
– Becky Palmer
– Rosie Faragher
– Naomi Wilkinson
– Robert Ramsden
– Jack Teagle
– Andrew Kerr
– Robert Bidder
– Simon Daly
– Ruta Lasyte
– Sarah Burgess
– Elena Arevalo Melville
– Jamie Jones
– Jonathan Farr
– Pete Shadbolt
– Carl Harper

Check out the Often and Mistakes website for more of their stuff, including Grace Denton’s lush photo zine Still Lifes (this is legitimately the only time I have ever used the word ‘lush’ to describe anything).

Physical description: A5
Subject: Comic | Illustration
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