Salford Zine Library

Aether 1

By Various Contributors - 1977

Aether is a sci-fi zine from the 1970s that we were sent by the Poetry Library in London. They’d been weeding their collection (library speak for “chucking stuff out”) and we were the grateful benefactors on this occasion.

This issue includes a bunch of sci-fi stories – including a great one called “Is There Intelligent Life at the Reading Festival?”, some sci-fi gossip and an interview with the author M. John Harrison. Would love to hear from anyone involved in this zine, so if you know them, get in touch! Contributors include:

– Steve Rooke
– Mark J. Alexander
– Cori Joy Loy
– John Cameron
– Richard C. C. Nixon
– Jeremy Allison

Physical description: A5
Subject: Science Fiction
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