Salford Zine Library

Zine Club #1

If Salford Zine Library had a PR company and a marketing budget we’d have been dropping hints about what we’re calling “Two Thousand and Sixzine” for ages now. Or at least once during the first five months of the year. But here is the hint now: Two Thousand and Sixzine: the Year of the Zine¬†is the dramatic sounding name for a programme of cool stuff that the zine library are going to be organising over the next 10 months or so (we’re cheating and creeping into Two Thousand and Sevenzine: the Second Year of the Zine).

More information on all those events later, but here’s details of the first one we’re doing.

Zine Club #1 is going to be on May 28th between 2pm and 5pm in the workshop space at Manchester Craft and Design Centre. It’s FREE to take part and you don’t need to book – just drop-in if you have a spare half an hour. Essentially we’ve booked a room for nice people to come and hang out, chat about zines and work on their own stuff. And if you’ve never made a zine before, we’ll give you some pointers! We’ll have some materials for you to play with but feel free to bring your own.

We’ll also bring a chunk of the Salford Zine Library collection with us to inspire you.

Tell us you’re coming and invite your friends why don’t you:¬†

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