Salford Zine Library

Weirdo Zinefest 2017 Needs Your Help!

Hiya! All the way back in January Weirdo Zine Fest happened down in London. We were super excited about it and a couple of the Salford Zine Library gang made the trip, had loads of fun and met some very nice people. In 2017 there’s hopefully going to be another one, this time in Leeds and on a much bigger scale. Zine fests are expensive to organise at the best of times and when you don’t have any kind of funding it’s especially hard.

In order to try and put on an accessible event that doesn’t lose loads and loads of money, the organisers are asking for donations to make Weirdo Zine Fest 2017 a thing. You can find out more about the fundraiser, what your money will be spent on and everything else about the zine fest if you go to the GoFundMe page. If you can’t afford to donate yourself (which is totally fine!), sharing the GoFundMe link on your various social media platforms would be very much appreciated, I bet.


ps. If you’re in the Manchester area, remember this weekend is your last chance to see the Stef Bradley exhibition we’ve got on at the zine library. In reality you probably have a bit longer as we haven’t arranged a time to take down the exhibition yet, but I think creating a sense of urgency is good for bringing in the numbers. If you’ve been to see the exhibition already we’d love to know what you thought about it!

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