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Two Thousand and Sixzine

Since we were fortunate enough to receive some Arts Council England funding last year, we’ve been able to put on a whole bunch of really fun stuff that I think people have generally enjoyed quite a bit. Two Thousand and Sixzine was intended to be a celebration of zines, DIY culture and the zine community. This post is a summary of what we got up to in 2016 (and the first bit of 2017).

Before I go bullet point wild, we’d like to say thanks very much┬áto everyone who’s come along to things we’ve organised, contributed to exhibitions, helped to spread the word about the zine library or just popped in to have a look at the collection. Hopefully 2017, once we’ve recovered, can be even better than 2016!

So what did we do in 2016?

  • We hosted five month-long exhibitions at Salford Zine Library, curated by some very talented people and featuring the work of some very talented people.
  • We ran five zine clubs at Manchester Design and Craft Centre, each linked to a separate exhibition, at Salford Zine Library.
  • We did a Zine Night at 3 Minute Theatre, where we invited zine makers to come and read from their work.
  • We hosted Northwest Zinefest 2016, which brought together 30+ zine makers and over 500 people for one day at Islington Mill in Salford.
  • We hosted a stage at Sounds From the Other City, which featured a pop-up zine library and zine readings.

And lots more. Have a look on our Twitter and Facebook page for more info!

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