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Perzines: Writing Lives & Stapled Secrets

We’re really proud to be hosting an exhibition of perzines, curated by Ingrid, at Salford Zine Library between now and the beginning of February (it’s going to be on a bit longer than the poster suggests). Drop by and have a look! Here’s all the info you’d ever need:

Writing Lives and Stapled Secrets
~A Salford Zine Library Exhibition curated by Ingrid~

A ‘Perzine’ (short for personal zine) usually takes the form of zines containing personal stories, diary comics or illustrations, memories, facts, lists and other diary style thoughts from its creator.

While all zines are created by an individual or collective of individuals, personal zines are memoirist in style and therefore really deserve the description of perzines.

Perzines have been suggested to be the analogue predecessor to today’s blogs, but as you will see from our collection, they are still very much alive and there are more reasons than ever to start your own Perzine. Some of the quotes here from various makers of perzines describe the positive experience that making a perzine can be, and the feeling of being part of a community through making them.

Alongside this exhibition we are also hosting a
Perzine themed Zine Club in January.

This will be free entry and take the form of a drop in afternoon workshop on 28th January 2017 from 2pm-5pm at Manchester Craft & Design Centre, Oak St, Manchester M4 5JD. Check out the Facebook event here:

Ingrid will be bringing her personal collection of perzines, and you can meet the zine library team and get some zinespiration for getting started on your own perzine, or making progress on an existing perzine using the resources provided.

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