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Hi Mary Anne Hobbs Listeners (SFTOC and more)

Hello! If you’re looking at this, the chances are that you’ve just heard me mumbling on the Mary Anne Hobbs show on BBC 6 Music. Hello! If you’ve not been directed here by the radio, then maybe you’re on your way to Sounds From the Other City and want to find out more about our stage at the festival. Either way, this post should hopefully be of some use.

We’ve got an exciting programme of readings going on at the Deli Lama Cafe on the day, and the (approximate) running times are as follows:

15.30 – Steve Carlton
16:30 – Poor Lass
17:00 – Holly Casio
17:45 – Stephen James
18.30 – Natalie Bradbury
19.15 – Zach Roddis

Any changes to those times will be communicated via @SalfordZineLib so keep your eyes on that feed if there’s someone in particular you want to see. You can check for clashes on the clashfinder. If you haven’t got a ticket, there’ll be 100 at the wristband exchange for them who can get there early on Sunday. So if you get to Islington Mill for 2pm you *might* just have a chance. £25 a pop and well worth it.

While you’re here and talking about Islington Mill, you might want to know more about Northwest Zinefest, an event that the Salford Zine Library team organises. Go to the Facebook event page to find out all the details but, in short, we’ll be hosting 30+ zinesters selling their wares at Islington Mill on June 18th. Also food, workshops, nice music, nice people. Artwork by the super talented Saffa Khan *heart eyes emoji*.

Northwest Zinefest 2016 flyer

We’ve got a load of other stuff planned for 2016 so please follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or keep checking back here for news on workshops, exhibitions, readings and other fun zine related events.

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