Salford Zine Library

Autocomplet #1 of 3 (Come and grab a free copy)

Ellis Jones, from everyone’s favourite band Trust Fund, is currently doing a PhD about DIY music and the internet. He’s made some zines about his research and we’ve got a little pile of them at the zine library to give away. If you pop in over the next week or two I am fairly sure you’ll be able to grab yourself a copy*. They’re really very good, and they include ace illustrations by Emma Thacker.

The zines are in a little pile next to the sofa as you walk in, you can’t miss them. But in case you’re worried that you might, we’ve attached some images to this post that should help you locate them.

You can read the zine online HERE and find out more about it HERE so go and do that, if you like.

*remember that all the rest of the zines can’t be taken away, though, let’s not get carried away.

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