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The No Feelings Club

By Beth Hall - 2015

Beth Hall is a web designer/illustrator and this is her illustration zine “The No Feelings Club”. She describes it as “24 pages of pure bad advice and emo moans”, which sounds pretty good to me. There’s loads of ace illustrations, including one of a Henry Hoover looking particularly handsome.

Find out more about Beth’s work and grab yourself a copy at her website.

We asked her to tell us a bit about the zine and she said:

“Basically it’s all around this idea of trying to reject feelings in the hope that it makes you happier. It talks about self love, and in some ways touches on self preservation in an angsty teen emo kind of way. Me and a friend call ourselves the no feelings club because we desperately try to not develop feelings for people to make life easier but inevitably you get lonely and sad and it’s a vicious circle really”

Physical description: A5
Subject: Illustration
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