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Radical Spreadsheets

By excel dj and Ikävä Pi of Sodaa - August 2022

Radical Spreadsheets is a Moon Press publication guest edited by Sodaa. Moon Press is a project from Tour de Moon, a touring festival celebrating youth counterculture. Sodaa is a community developing a decentralised governance model for a music & arts venue in London.

The zine is on Sodaas work so far, and has features from collectives doing similar work in dance music and night culture. Such as the mental health collective and sober rave for QTBPOC, misery, the sound system collective Black Obsidian Sound System, and, a framework for organising communities, collectives and enterprises.

Contributors: Technomaterialism, Ann Marie Utratela, Stacco Troncoso, NKC, Works of Intent, misery, dare balogun, Jane Mackenzie, Marcus, Aliyah Husana, Dan Hannen, Ikävä Pi, ROOO

You can find Sodaa on Instagram, and you can find Tour De Moon on their website and on Instagram too

Physical description: A4 glossy full colour
Subject: Culture | Politics
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