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Best Practice #3

By Emi and Jess - July 2019

A zine about work culture and worker’s experiences. With art and illustration, articles and creative writing. It is dedicated to the modern worker and aims to provide an inclusive, creative, and political outlet for people to talk about their experiences of work in an era which for many is defined by the economic and emotional effects of austerity. There’s a great article about rebelling at work and another which spotlights recent strike actions from around the UK.

Contributors: Apu, Tayla Swan, Sarah Pritchard, Zoe C, Matthew Everatt, Jamie Hamill, Anna Sanderson, Luke Young, Steve Hanson, Fintan Ryan, Alice Thompson, India Boxall, Ellen O’Donoghue Oddy, Dylan Hall

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Physical description: A4, full colour
Subject: Compzine | Illustration | Politics | Work
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